Hot Water Systems

Electric Hot Water Units

In an electric hot water unit, cold water is piped into the tank and heated by one or two elements that are located within the water storage unit. The hot water rises to the top of the tank and is siphoned off when the tap is in use. This method of heating water is extremely efficient and reliable, making it popular with Australian families who have diverse needs.

Electric water heating units require less supervision and use less energy because they don’t rely on a pilot light.  Large families may benefit from installing an additional electric water heater on the other side of the home to cover their immediate needs.

At Express Plumbing Solutions, we supply, install, service and maintain a range of electric hot water units.

Gas Hot Water Units

There are two types of gas hot water units, storage and continuous. Gas storage units hold the heated water in an insulated tank whereas continuous units heat the water as you use it. These reliable machines are effective because they minimise energy wastage and prevent homes from running out of hot water, meaning you’ll never suffer through a cold shower again.

The gas hot water units available for installation from Express Plumbing Solutions come in a range of compact and flexible sizes with extremely long lifespans. 

Choose an indoor or outdoor unit to cover your family’s needs with efficient and stable natural gas. Natural gas is eco-friendly, minimising your household’s carbon footprint.