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When you find yourself in a plumbing emergency, time is of the essence. Whether it’s a burst pipe, a persistent leak or a clogged drain, Express Plumbing Solutions is your go-to emergency plumber in Tullamarine. We are here to provide prompt and efficient solutions that prevent further damage and save you from exorbitant repair costs.

Our experienced team of plumbers is adept at handling a wide array of emergency plumbing scenarios. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch service around the clock, ensuring that your home or business in Tullamarine continues to function seamlessly. Call us at (03) 9988 9152 for immediate assistance.


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Why You Can Depend on Our Plumbers for Tullamarine Emergencies

For residents and businesses facing sudden plumbing issues, Express Plumbing Solutions is the name you can trust. As the leading emergency plumber for Tullamarine locals, we are committed to providing reliable and fast services, no matter the hour. Our team is available 24/7, ensuring that we’re always there when you need us most.

Our services cover residential properties, commercial establishments like restaurants and cafes and industrial sites. Our emergency plumbers in Tullamarine also offer same-day service for critical issues, guaranteeing a swift resolution to your plumbing woes.

In addition to regular plumbing tasks, we specialise in addressing unique challenges faced by diverse facilities. From gas leak detection to expert repairs, our team handles it all. With our satisfaction guarantee on all work undertaken, you can rest easy knowing that a skilled plumber in Tullamarine has got your back.

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Plumbing Services We Offer

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

Fast Accurate Detection and Repair to save you time and money!

24 Hour Service

24 Hour Service

Call us on (03) 8336 1939 and Express Plumbing Solutions Melbourne will have an emergency plumber at your door straight away!

Hot Water Service

Hot Water Service

Get 24/7 Hot Water Repair Services in Melbourne with Express Plumbing Solutions

What To Do Before Your Emergency Plumber in Tullamarine Arrives

Facing a plumbing emergency can be daunting, but knowing how to handle it can make a significant difference. Here are some steps to take if you encounter a sudden plumbing issue:

  1. Shut Off the Water Supply: The first step is to stop the inflow of water to prevent flooding. Locate the main water valve and turn it off immediately.
  2. Assess the Situation: Safely identify the nature of the emergency – is it a burst pipe, a blocked drain or a gas leak? This will help you communicate the problem effectively when you seek professional help.
  3. Call an Emergency Plumber: Reach out to Express Plumbing Solutions at (03) 9988 9152 for prompt assistance. Our emergency plumbers in Tullamarine are always ready to respond quickly to any crisis.
  4. Remove Valuables from the Area: If there’s water damage, move valuable items away from the affected area to minimise potential losses.
  5. Follow Safety Precautions: In case of a gas leak, ensure proper ventilation and evacuate the premises immediately. Avoid using electrical appliances that may spark an explosion.

    By following these steps, you can mitigate damage and ensure a swift resolution to the problem. Our expert team at Express Plumbing Solutions is always ready to provide the necessary support to Tullamarine residents and businesses.

    Why Choose Us When You Need an Emergency Plumber in Tullamarine?

    Choosing Express Plumbing Solutions as your emergency plumber in Tullamarine comes with several benefits:

    • 24/7 Service: Our team is available around the clock, including holidays.
    • Experienced Technicians: Our plumbers are highly trained and licensed.
    • Cutting-Edge Technology: We use the latest plumbing tools and techniques.
    • Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees and a complete upfront cost breakdown.
    • 10% Discount on First Service: New customers enjoy a helpful discount on their initial service.

    With these advantages, we assure you of reliable, efficient and affordable services that meet your specific needs. Over 1000 satisfied customers can attest to our high-quality workmanship and professional service. Trust Express Plumbing Solutions for all your emergency plumbing requirements in Tullamarine.

    Contact Us For Emergency Plumbers in Tullamarine Today

    Don’t let a plumbing emergency disrupt your day. Contact Express Plumbing Solutions, your reliable emergency plumber in Tullamarine, for immediate and effective resolutions. We offer 24/7 services tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring your plumbing system functions flawlessly.

    Call us at (03) 9988 9152 or fill out our online request form to book our services. Our experienced team is here to provide quick solutions, whether it’s a blocked drain, a hot water issue or a complex gas leak. Trust us to handle all your plumbing emergencies in Tullamarine with precision and care.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Plumbers in Tullamarine

    How quickly can an emergency plumber in Tullamarine arrive at my location?

    At Express Plumbing Solutions, we offer 24/7 services and prioritise rapid response times. Our emergency plumbers in Tullamarine can typically arrive at your location within an hour to address urgent plumbing issues.

    What types of emergencies can a plumber in Tullamarine handle?

    Our skilled plumbers in Tullamarine are equipped to handle a wide range of emergencies, including burst pipes, blocked drains, gas leaks, sewage backups and malfunctioning hot water systems. We provide prompt and efficient solutions to mitigate any damage.

    Do you offer same-day service for non-emergency plumbing issues in Tullamarine?

    Yes, Express Plumbing Solutions provides same-day service for both emergency and non-emergency plumbing issues in Tullamarine. You can schedule a flexible appointment for standard repairs, maintenance and inspections, ensuring your plumbing system remains in optimal condition.

    Are your emergency plumbers in Tullamarine licensed and insured?

    Absolutely. Each emergency plumber from Express Plumbing Solutions is fully licensed and registered by the Plumbing Industry Commission. Our team is also insured, ensuring you receive a safe and reliable service every time.

    How transparent is your pricing for emergency plumbing services in Tullamarine?

    We believe in transparent pricing and provide an upfront cost breakdown before starting any work. There are no hidden fees or unexpected charges when you hire our emergency plumbers for Tullamarine services. Additionally, new customers can enjoy a 10% discount on their first service.

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