Emergency Plumbing Services

24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Services

24 hour plumbing services because when it’s urgent.. its urgent!

Whether you have a burst pipe that’s flooding your house, a blocked drain that just won’t clear or a leaking gas unit that’s got you worried- we can help! At Express Plumbing Solutions Melbourne, we can come to you at any time for any urgent plumbing services required?

Our experienced plumbers not only identify your issue early but are equipped with the latest tools and technologies to fix your problem on the spot.

We are a locally owned and operated family business with over 35+ years experience in emergency plumbing repairs. We will service the surrounding Melbourne metro area across all domestic, commercial and industrial sectors and ensure all our repairs are certified to VBA plumbing standards. So when we say we can fix it, we can!


24/7 Fast & Reliable Service, Call Now!

Emergency Plumbing Problems We Can Help With

Broken water pipes

Broken Water Pipes

Broken water pipes are common across Melbourne and often happen when you least expect it. Water pipes can difficult fixes and so we always advice to leave to the experts. However you can help to prevent flooding by turning off your water mains prior to calling us!

Blocked Toilet Drain

Blocked Toilet Drain

Unclogging a toilet may not need an emergency plumber, but what happens when the drain system has completely failed? If this has happened you need a a blocked toilet plumber NOW or else expected massive bills for your damaged home…

Gas leaks

Gas Leaks

Do you know what to do if you have a gas leak? These can be the most dangerous of all leaks to have in your home or business as they can cause an explosion or fire. In case of an emergency gas leak, shut down the main gas valve immediately. Our plumbers are extremely experienced with emergency gas leaks so call us now!

What’s included in our emergency plumbing services?

Emergency call out 24/7 across Melbourne & surrounding suburbs

Prompt analysis of site identifying any new parts (if required) BEFORE work begins

Installation of new parts (if required)

We provide a compliance certificate to ensure our completed emergency plumbing work meets current plumbing standards outlined by the Victorian Building Authority.

Removal of old units or parts (if required)

Final testing & safety checks, including leaving the work space in the same unchanged state

Why choose us for your emergency plumbing repairs?

Genuine 24/7 callout, 365 days a year guarantee!

Competitively priced with no hidden fees

Our friendly technicians are not only highly experienced, but passionate about what they do.. so we can fix the problem FAST!

We provide expert advice on completed work and will happily answer any questions you have to reduce the risk of follow up issues

Our vans are loaded with all the equipment required to complete your emergency plumbing repair on the spot

6 year workmanship guarantee on all repairs

We also worked for Commercial Brands

Do you have a plumbing emergency at your home or workplace?

Call us on 03 8336 1939 and Express Plumbing Solutions Melbourne will have an emergency plumber at your door straight away!

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