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Most homes in Melbourne are dependent on a hot water system for their everyday needs. And when these systems start acting up, it can cause a lot of avoidable inconvenience. Many don’t know about the option of hot water repairs in Melbourne, and therefore, continue making do with uncomfortably cold showers with a belief that they need to replace their entire system. But that need not be the case, if you call us.

Our experienced plumbers are well versed with repairs and servicing a variety of hot water systems of different makes and brands. And if, for whatever reason, your system cannot be repaired, then we can guide you in choosing the right system for your needs.In fact, our experienced plumbers offer same day hot water repairs and installations across Melbourne


Hot water repairs versus replacement – how do you decide?

Generally speaking, most hot water systems last for around 8-12 years, depending on the model. And in case your unit starts to rattle and gives you a sense of failing you, chances are that it is in need of a replacement. We are of the firm belief that why spend on replacing, when you can repair? Our plumbers will only recommend a new hot water system installation when it is a more cost effective proposition for you to replace your old hot water system.

Gas Hot Water Repairs

Solar Hot Water Repairs

Electric Hot Water Repairs

Heat Pumps Hot Water Repairs

Continuous Flow Hot Water Repairs

Mains Pressure Systems

What’s included in our hot water system repairs?

A thorough analysis of site and outlining any new parts required before work begins

Quality servicing of pipes and making alterations if required

Installation of new parts (if required)

Compliance certificate to ensure our completed hot water repairs meets current plumbing standards outlined by the VBA.

Removal of old units or parts (if required)

Final testing & safety checks, including leaving the work space in the same unchanged state

Why choose us for your emergency plumbing repairs?

Genuine 24/7 callout, 365 days a year guarantee!

Competitively priced with no hidden fees

Our friendly technicians are not only highly experienced, but passionate about what they do.. so we can fix the problem FAST!

We provide expert advice on completed work and will happily answer any questions you have to reduce the risk of follow up issues

Our vans are loaded with all the equipment required to complete your emergency plumbing repair on the spot

6 year workmanship guarantee on all repairs

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